What is the Directory Permission Checker?

This is a simple tool to check NTFS directory permissions in a hierarchical manner. You can select a root directory, and the tool will show you all permissions on that directory (either inherited or set on that directory), and also any other permissions that have been set on sub-folders. This gives you a clear picture of directory permissions within that hierarchy.


Download DirectoryPermissionsChecker Download it here

Why would you use it?

I work at companies that are strict on user access security. It is often necessary to be fully aware of what user permissions have been assigned on what folders, especially any read or execute permissions. I created this tool to quickly analyse directory structures to report on what access control had been granted within the hierarchy.

How to use it

It’s so simple even a monkey could use it:

  1. Click the Scan Directory button.
  2. Select the directory you wish to scan for permissions (note: C: may take a while, so select a more specific directory).
  3. Press OK.
  4. To cancel a long running scan click the Stop button.
  5. Once the directory permissions scan is complete, you can group and filter the results. Group the results by dragging and dropping a column header into the group box above the results, or filter them using the filter icon on the column headers.
  6. Job done.